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"In this episode we talk with Frank Springett, the Inventor of Morf Technologies.  An awesome product that is looking to revolutionize the aerobar industry."

Wildly transforming MORF-Tech handlebar bends bullhorns into most aero bars ever

Lots of people will have an "aha!" moment in their lives, when they think of a unique and novel product idea, intended to solve an old problem in a brand new way. Frank Springett is one of the rare few who doggedly pursued his "aha!" moment, to bring it to fruition. The result is the MORF Technology aerobar, a set of articulating arms that transforms from base bar to aero extensions, and back.

Have you ever wished for an easier way to transition from your time trial bike's base bar to the aero bars? Or have you even wanted a more aero position on your standard drop bars? Or have you longed for a quicker way to get back to the brake levers? Morf Technology claims to have solved all those issues and more with its unique Trifold bars.


'The idea is game changing. I felt more stable and safer riding than a tradition tri set up. The hands never need to leave the brakes or the shifters. So intersections, corners, climbing, and group riding all take on a different feel."


"Named one of the top innovators of this year’s show, the MORF aerobars convert from aero extension to base bar with the click of two locking levers. This makes for an unparalleled aero setup when in extension mode and a safe standard control when in base mode."

Slowtwitch -

"When I first saw the Morf-Tech aerobar my reaction was, meh. But it’s growing on me fast. One Slowtwitch forum member took it out for a spin. "It was solid. Within 100 feet I was getting in and out of aero like it was nothing.”  I could imagine this handlebar being more aero, and more safe, at the same time. It’s going to be interesting to see this develop. Here’s our Forum thread on this bar.

ZenTri 631 - Beating Fear and Riding Morf-Tech Bars

How to face your fears to beat them forever, I ride the new prototype MORF-Tech folding aerobars, news, why you should learn to fight, and tempting alligators with children.