Current Status

Our Journey has started and is growing momentum daily.  We are currently building the final prototype for the next stage of rigorous testing.  We hope to have a product ready for production in the next 3-6 months.  If you like our bars and would be interested in buying a set when available, please send me an email from the link at the bottom of the page or and we'll add you to the list.  No worries, we won't spam. 


Current Status / Focus

It has been a crazy month for sure, we have been busy.  Our biggest focus has been around the final design with respect to cable clean up, simplification, brake configurations and smoothing out the rough edges.  We're really excited about the new design, I think you'll love it.  As for delivery, we are running a little behind from what we wanted to accomplish, we were hoping end of March, early April, but that looks like it may have slipped a little into May/June.  Getting it right was more important than early delivery.  If you Preordered and had a specific need date and that time frame will no longer work just send me an email.

Brake Configuration

We would like your feedback!  We are configuring the design to allow for forward facing brake levers.  I know it's a bit unorthodox but makes for a lighter system, less parts, and ease of install of mechanical shifters.  The beauty of the design is conventional style brakes can be used as well, so they are not required to use the bars.  Send us an email, let us know what you think!

Wind Tunnel Testing

Cornelius from SlowTwitch (most know him as Greenplease) was super cool in taking the MORF bars to A2 during his Aero Camp session.  What a cool guy!!  He put the bars up against the TriRig AlphaX bars with integrated stem, one of the fastest bars in the business.  The results were not as good as we had hoped, they were identical at 10 degrees and 2-3 watts slower at 0 degrees, both with rider (total watts for rider and bike was approx 200 watts).  The tests were run without a BTA.  It is really hard to get consistency with a rider, but to me, the data is the data.  Cori was extremely intentional about trying to get an identical body position. I believe I understand where some of the discrepancy lies and know how we can make further improvements.  We have recently signed up with the University of Houston with the CFD (Computational Flow Dynamics) group to do some CFD analysis to hone the design.  Once we are done, I am pretty confident we will be faster than anything on the market.  Some work to do though.  We will update the website in the next couple of weeks with the wind tunnel data we have run so far.  The pictures below are from Cori's testing (Left MORF Bars, Right AlphaX)


Prototype #8 - Closer to Production

Now that the ugly bars are tested, and after numerous 3d printing of prototypes, it is time to make a production based unit!!  Finally, assembled and installed on the bike.  They look much sleeker and are precision machined from billet aluminum.  Took them out on their maiden 25 mile voyage today and they were nice and smooth and the end stop locks were solid.  Much better than the previous assembly.  Enjoy the pictures.  Check out the video on the home page. 

Prototype #1 - Will it work?

After giving the idea some thought, I needed to determine whether the bars would be stable, transitioning between the two positions.  One way to test this would be to build a quick and dirty prototype.  Using  some copper fittings, tubing, plywood , a scroll saw and a weekend later, I designed prototype #1.  I put it on my daughters small BMX bike, donned my helmet, grabbed an iphone and took the first ride! Scared and excited to put the bars to work and figure out if it was controlable.  To my surprise, it was extremely stable!!!!  Plywood prototype bars #1 successfully tested, CONCEPT VIABLE!!!! see it to believe it, watch the video below!!!

Prototype #2 (AKA - Ugly Bars) - How about something on a real bike?

Christmas break 2015 is here and it's time to put one of these wonderments on a real bike.  A trip to the hobby shop for some supplies,  a drill press, a radial arm saw was all it took to make prototype #2.  The prototype wasn't the prettiest…but I really wanted to see how well the bars did at 25-30 mph, and the functionality in an emergency situation.  The video shows the bars maiden voyage on my Cervelo P3.  Once the unit was built and on the bike, I managed to put about 2000 miles over a 5 month period on them.  I know I am a little biased, but I simply love them!  

Meet the Kossel 250

My day job is all about product development and the key to successful product development is failing fast.  We learn more from failure than we do from success!  An excellent tool to do that is a 3D printer.  Once it was determined that the product was viable, I put some miles on the ugly prototype #2, we bought a Kossel 250 3d printer.  It has already consumed a complete spool of material on printed plastic prototypes and have printed prototype #8.  What a fantastic tool, I can make prototypes at the same time as playing barbies with my beautiful daughters.  And they say men can't multi task:).