Current Status

Our Journey has started and is growing momentum daily.  We are currently building the final prototype for the next stage of rigorous testing.  If you like our bars and would be interested in buying a set when available, please send me an email from the link at the bottom of the page or and we'll add you to the list.  No worries, we won't spam. 


Are you ready?  We are… finally!!! 

So we are finally here!!!  It has been a two year journey so far with a pile of different prototypes, patents filed, testing now complete and production fixtures working away at our first production run!!!  We have reached out to all the presale supporters and are now getting ready to ship our first batch.  But fear not, we made extras!  They will retail for $1099 plus tax and shipping. We will be providing a 60 day money back guarantee, no questions asked, as we know it takes a leap of faith to go for something this radical.  I think you are going to love it!  An email with the purchasing link will be sent in the coming weeks, once we have our first batch assembled, boxed and ready to ship.  Send us an email if you want to be on the list for that first run.
There will be three options for the bars.

  • Straight bar extensions (150 mm long)

  • 35 degree ski bend bar extensions

ISO Testing Complete and passed!!! We have run through the ISO 4210 testing and successfully passed the in phase (400N), out of phase (250N) and static load test (1000N).  We also ran an internal test of 50,000 open close cycles with no issues.  This is a big milestone for us and we are excited about the design, it is finally at a place where the perfectionist in me is happy!

Manufacturing - The manufacturing process was the one area that we had under estimated.  The fixtures we have developed with the machine shop are really quite impressive, they are set up to machine 200 individual pieces in a single set up, a design feat in itself!  But this is what we had to do to be able to competitively manufacture the complicated parts in the US.  Parts are coming off the assembly line now with an anticipated ship date end of April / beginning of May.

Thank you! I want to thank you for your patience, enthusiasm and continued words of encouragement.  This is a journey for us and all the positive outreach we have had from the cpositive outreach we have had from the cyclingycling community has made it a truly pleasurable experience.  Now let's see what all the fuss is about!

MORF Tech Team

Happy Holidays from MORF!!


We hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday season.  It has been an exciting year for us with great performances from our Pro Antony Costes, Interbike and the innovation award, tons of great media exposure and most importantly, all the great people we have met in the cycling community.   Unfortunately we haven't quite finished with our manufacturing preparations as we hoped we would for 2017 but we are very close. Keep your eyes open for updates soon on some potential new Pro's joining our family as well as when the MORF TriFold Bar will be ready for release.

Thank you all for your support and have a great new year!
Happy Holidays!!
MORF Family

Update - October 2017

Interbike 2017 - I'll start with Interbike 2017.  This was such an amazing experience for us!!  We won an innovation award, a HUGE accomplishment for a small start up company.  We met so many great people, the cycling industry is full of neat start up companies trying to make a difference.  We are tapping into that community which has been a lot of fun.

Interbike BIKE - Check out this amazing ride!!!  It was supported by:

  • Quintana Roo sent us a 2018 PR6 and all I can say is wow what a bike

  • Cantu sent us a couple sets of nice wheels and joined us for the show. They have some of the best wheels on the market for less than the big names.

  • Xshifter - Paul with Xshifter stopped by and joined us as well. He has a really innovative wireless shifter that uses ANY deralure!

  • CeeGees - has been working with us since the beginning. They have the most comfortable arm pads in the business and Gordon has supported us with product and great advice around the business.

  • TriRig - Sent us some of the omega X brakes and their Ergo Cups. We met Nick for the first time during the show, he is a really stand up guy!!

  • Dash - Sent is this sick custom seat, these things are slick!!

Pro Antony Costes - WINS IM BARCELONA!!!  With an amazing time of 7:49!!!  We wish we could have been there in person, but the entire MORF family was screaming at the computer as we were watching his amazing performance.  Antony found us about a year ago and it has been an absolute joy working with Mathilde and Antony.  They are as much family to us as a professional working relationship.  Congrats Antony!! We are so happy to see you coming into your own with the IM distance races!

Production Status - We are still working with the machine shop to work out mass manufacturing set up to minimize machine and set up time.  To be candid, our current costs are more than the presale price of the bars, so we have to figure out how to bring them down.  Last week we made good progress as we have figured out how to load raw material into the machine and once the program is done, 10 complete sets of parts will come out.  Once we get that set up, we will do a few test runs to make sure the programming is all set correctly. Our goal is to ship presale and start shipping new orders first part of next year.

August 27, 2017

We have our final production ready product manufactured and in testing now.  We are so excited with the design.  Check out pics of the final product.


Presale - We reached our presale goal!!!  We are closing presale and are working to fulfill those orders through manufacturing.  Those of you lucky enough to get in early, I'll just say it is a heck of a deal vs what the product will retail for.  Our way of saying thank you to those early adopters!!  When we are close to delivery, we will send you a link to complete the order process.  Thank you!!

Interbike 2017 - We are headed to Interbike this year.  Keep your eyes open for us if you are headed that way.  We will be at BOOTH 7293, come see us if you are around. 

Antony Finishes 3rd - At Ironman 70.3 Vichy!!!  Congrats Atony on your fantastic finish.  We are so proud of you and Mathilde, especially after coming off your injury!!

Manufacturing - Manufacturing fixtures are currently under way and we are still working through the manufacturing process to bring manufacturing time and costs to where they need to be.  This process is taking longer than expected but a must in order to make our business viable.  It is all a process and takes time, thank you for your patience.

That's about it for now.  Thanks again for all your support!!!

06-29-17 Update

It's been a while since our last report out, hard to believe a couple of months have passed already.  Lots to report on!


Pro Antony Costes

Welcome Antony Costes, pro triathlete and super awesome guy, to our MORF Family!!!  Antony has been racing our bars for the past several months and wow, what an athlete and professional he is.  You can see more on Antony on his Facebook page,  I have put some pics of Antony's super slick race set up on the site under Pro's.  He has done a fantastic job setting up his bike to be as slick a set up as I have ever seen.  It is unorthodox, but super fast!!!

Design Status

We have spent the last few months continuing our focus on the design of the bars, specifically around robustness and reliability.  When Antony was here at IMTX, we spent a bit of time discussing the design of the bars and he gave me some really sound advice on the bar design.  It fundamentally changed the design of the mechanism in the bar, which set us back 6-8 weeks.  Extending the delivery was tough for me as I don't want to let the community down, but it has always been my number one priority to produce a reliable, safe and fast product so the decision was easy to go back to the drawing board and change what Antony asked us to change.  It think it is important to take Antony's input to heart and act upon it as he has a lot of time and experience on Tri bikes with aero bars.  Thank you Antony!!!

Non Anodized Prototype, with a stack of prototypes behind it. Production version will be anodized black.

Non Anodized Prototype, with a stack of prototypes behind it. Production version will be anodized black.


So what's the new schedule, that's the big question.  We have since redesigned the bars, built several iterations and we are finally at the production design!!!  We are currently setting up manufacturing fixtures to mass produce the product and the first 10 units will be coming off the assembly line in the next 3 weeks.  Once completed, the will be going to a 3rd party lab for ISO fatigue testing as well as some test bikes for additional road testing.  I do appreciate everyone's patience and support!  This process is taking longer than I had originally anticipated, but getting it RIGHT, SAFE and RELIABLE is so important, it will be worth the wait!!!

Brake Configuration

We would like your feedback!  We are configuring the design to allow for forward facing brake levers.  I know it's a bit unorthodox but makes for a lighter system, less parts, and ease of install of mechanical shifters.  The beauty of the design is conventional style brakes can be used as well, so they are not required to use the bars.  Send us an email, let us know what you think!

Wind Tunnel Testing

Cornelius from SlowTwitch (most know him as Greenplease) was super cool in taking the MORF bars to A2 during his Aero Camp session.  What a cool guy!!  He put the bars up against the TriRig AlphaX bars with integrated stem, one of the fastest bars in the business.  The results were not as good as we had hoped, they were identical at 10 degrees and 2-3 watts slower at 0 degrees, both with rider (total watts for rider and bike was approx 200 watts).  The tests were run without a BTA.  It is really hard to get consistency with a rider, but to me, the data is the data.  Cori was extremely intentional about trying to get an identical body position. I believe I understand where some of the discrepancy lies and know how we can make further improvements.  We have recently signed up with the University of Houston with the CFD (Computational Flow Dynamics) group to do some CFD analysis to hone the design.  Once we are done, I am pretty confident we will be faster than anything on the market.  Some work to do though.  We will update the website in the next couple of weeks with the wind tunnel data we have run so far.  The pictures below are from Cori's testing (Left MORF Bars, Right AlphaX)

Alpha X Body Position

Alpha X Body Position

MORF Trifold Body Position

MORF Trifold Body Position

NAHBS - Matt Conrad

NAHMBS Representation - Matt Conrad was gracious enough to use our MORF Tech bars on his Tri Show bike at the NAHMBS.  Check out the pic, bike looks GREAT!!  Lots of good feedback, I really look forward to work with Matt, keep an eye on him, I can see really great stuff to come.


Prototype #8 - Closer to Production

Now that the ugly bars are tested, and after numerous 3d printing of prototypes, it is time to make a production based unit!!  Finally, assembled and installed on the bike.  They look much sleeker and are precision machined from billet aluminum.  Took them out on their maiden 25 mile voyage today and they were nice and smooth and the end stop locks were solid.  Much better than the previous assembly.  Enjoy the pictures.  Check out the video on the home page. 

Prototype #1 - Will it work?

After giving the idea some thought, I needed to determine whether the bars would be stable, transitioning between the two positions.  One way to test this would be to build a quick and dirty prototype.  Using  some copper fittings, tubing, plywood , a scroll saw and a weekend later, I designed prototype #1.  I put it on my daughters small BMX bike, donned my helmet, grabbed an iphone and took the first ride! Scared and excited to put the bars to work and figure out if it was controlable.  To my surprise, it was extremely stable!!!!  Plywood prototype bars #1 successfully tested, CONCEPT VIABLE!!!! see it to believe it, watch the video below!!!

Prototype #2 (AKA - Ugly Bars) - How about something on a real bike?

Christmas break 2015 is here and it's time to put one of these wonderments on a real bike.  A trip to the hobby shop for some supplies,  a drill press, a radial arm saw was all it took to make prototype #2.  The prototype wasn't the prettiest…but I really wanted to see how well the bars did at 25-30 mph, and the functionality in an emergency situation.  The video shows the bars maiden voyage on my Cervelo P3.  Once the unit was built and on the bike, I managed to put about 2000 miles over a 5 month period on them.  I know I am a little biased, but I simply love them!  

Meet the Kossel 250

My day job is all about product development and the key to successful product development is failing fast.  We learn more from failure than we do from success!  An excellent tool to do that is a 3D printer.  Once it was determined that the product was viable, I put some miles on the ugly prototype #2, we bought a Kossel 250 3d printer.  It has already consumed a complete spool of material on printed plastic prototypes and have printed prototype #8.  What a fantastic tool, I can make prototypes at the same time as playing barbies with my beautiful daughters.  And they say men can't multi task:).